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Products & Services Overview


Well Service rigs

PEMCO maintains a high quantity of parts and assemblies for the process of manufacturing new well service rigs and re-manufacturing well service rigs, We keep in stock a variety of newly manufactured obsolete parts to replace the OEM discontinued parts for OEM equipment no longer being manufactured. We keep in stock mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic parts so our customers are able to keep their rigs running. Whether you need a power drive chain, chain sprocket, crown sheave or hard to find parts or assemblies; we will either have it in stock, can manufacture the part or order from a supplier.

replacement informational tags

We carry a large inventory of replacement informational metal tags for the most common well service rigs and derricks or generic tags which can be used with most well service rigs and other equipment. PEMCO also has the capability to design and laser engrave custom metal tags to meet the customer's requirements including plugged and abandoned well tags or placards. We can also cut custom gaskets, shims and plexi-glass site glasses; as well as engraving and cutting additional materials. We manufacture the transmission shifter light panels for the cab and the operator control panel.

Wind Turbine

PEMCO has developed procedures approved by the OEM's to re-manufacture wind turbine spindles and improve their longevity of work time and to reduce maintenance costs for the wind farm companies. We have also developed procedures approved by the OEM's to replace the main bearing on the main shaft. PEMCO designed and manufactured the necessary tools and hydraulic jack system to remove the main bearing. We have also designed and manufactured a tool to hold the turbine gearbox in place when removing and installing the main shaft.

New, Rebuilt or Exchange parts

We maintain an inventory of rebuilt and new derricks, rod baskets, tubing boards, working floors, right angle gearboxes, hydrotarder brakes for quick turnaround to our customers. Many of these assemblies are part of PEMCO's exchange program. For example; when a Cooper right angle drive gearbox goes bad on a rig, it can be brought in for exchange with one we have in stock. The exchange program helps our customer keep the equipment running immediately. The company is then billed the cost to rebuild their bad gearbox and the rebuilt gearbox now becomes a part of our exchange program.

Tanks, Boxes and t-sills

PEMCO manufactures standard and custom tanks and boxes for well service rigs and other industries. We shear and brake or plate roll standard non-potable water or anti freeze tanks, hydraulic oil tanks, fuel tanks, air tanks, tool boxes or custom designed tanks, boxes and storage cabinets.  We have designed and manufactured a stand pipe inspection trough to wash and inspect the threads of pipe standing in the derrick.  PEMCO specializes in manufacturing the standard oak wood T-sill with the weight indicator plate support attached to the wood by a steel band and a through bolt (steel T-sills are also available). 

Machine shop & cnc shops services

Our machine shop has manual lathes, mills, horizontal mill, vertical lathe and drill centers to meet the large requirements for the petroleum industry. PEMCO has two CNC lathes and one CNC mill which are used for production runs of parts for our warehouse and sales. CNC programs are either manually written or transferred to the machine after the code is generated by the EdgeCAM software. The cut shop has a CNC plasma cut and a CNC torch cut machine for production runs, custom parts, custom signs and custom metal art.

hydraulic & pneumatic parts

We carry a substantial inventory of o-rings, gaskets, seals, control valves, motors, pumps, raising cylinders and telescoping cylinders. PEMCO manufactures telescoping cylinders and replacement tubes and parts for most derricks. If we do not have what you need in stock we can either assemble a replacement telescoping ram that will work with your rig or custom design and build one for you. We also repair hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, valves, pumps and motors. We manufacture leveling hydraulic jacks for most well service rigs and can custom build a hydraulic jack to meet your requirements.

Nuclear enrichment

We have designed and manufactured steel common cylinder supports which are used inside the enrichment facility to temporarily store 30B and 48Y UF6 cylinders waiting to be processed. PEMCO has manufactured 30B and 48Y stillage saddles and the container support stillages on which the 30B and 48Y cylinders and stillage saddles rest. We provided excellent weld inspection documentation for the stillage saddles and the container support stillages for each assembly to meet their quality assurance requirements. We have designed and manufactured many assemblies for the NEF.

Mechanics, Fabricators & Paint

PEMCO's mechanics collectively have a vast knowledge of well service rigs and other industrial machines. They rebuild right angle gearboxes, hydrotarder brakes, main drums, sand drums and all things hydraulic. Our fabricators wear many hats, being primarily AWS certified welders but also trained operators for the shear, the brake, the plate roll, the iron workers and the CNC cut shop. Our paint department provides the steam cleaning, sand blasting and painting services capable of painting a complete re-manufactured or new rig.  PEMCO also provides API rig inspections.